Alcohol & Drug Evaluation


Alcohol Diversion Program


Anxiety Disorders


CDV Batters Intervention

A State approved, certified program to educate and monitor individuals with criminal domestic violence convictions. 


CDV Victim's Program

A component to educate, monitor, and treat the emotional effects of individuals who are CDV victims. 




Education Services

- Adolescent Counseling Program

- Anger Managment Program 

- Alcohol Education Program 

- Alcohol Diversion Program 


Family Intervention

The Family Intervention component allows troubled families to receive the education and counseling needed to resolve family and personal relationship issues. 


Employee Assistance

Evaluations, education/treatment, and referrals mandated by private employers for employees with or suspected substance use/abuse issues. 


Grief Counseling


Habitual Offenders Program

A program component designed to promote changes in the thinking and behavior of habitual offenders for bad checks, shoplifting, etc. 


IIndividual Counseling

An individual counseling program that allows troubled individuals to receive one-on-one interaction to resolve life problems and situations. 


Marijuana Diversion Program

A 13-hour diversionary program component for experimental marijuana users. 


Parenting Skills

A program component designed to enhance and further the development of parenting skills 


Personal Development Program

A program for individuals with self-esteem issues


Psychological Evaluations


Relationship Problems


Substance Abuse Education